tournament flagpole

tournament flagpole

from $52.00 each

Provides a higher visibility and base stability than other poles. Sold individually or in packs of 9.


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Tournament Flagpole

Tournament poles (flag sticks) are used world wide for their high grade look and visibility. Available in 71/2′ or 8′. The high gloss bright color finish continues to impress.

• Tapers from 19mm diameter from centre of pole
• Solid colour-impregnated fibreglass for added lifespan
• Bright in colour for high visibility
• Available with Tacit, Standard Golf, Locking or D ferrule
• Sold individually or in packs of 9


Select “Cup Saver” when purchasing poles.

  • Conforms with R&A regulations when fitted by David Golf on new flagpoles.
  • Non-conforming with R&A regulations when sold separately.
  • Compatible with all flagpoles and ferrules
  • Remove golf balls without damaging the cup

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