Tour Striker Educator

Tour Striker Educator


The Tour Striker Educator will help you understand HOW the hands work WITH the club for power and precision during the golf swing. While few people put emphasis on “training the hands,” the Educator takes away the guesswork from “Feel vs Real” so you know if your hand action is helping or hurting your golf swing. Take control of your game NOW and learn how to use your hands so you can effortlessly create power and control.

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How can the Tour Striker Educator help you?

  • Ensure your hands are ‘transmitting’ your power
  • Learn the difference between ‘feel vs. real’
  • Know what your hands are actually doing during your swing
  • Learn club face control – the key to accuracy and distance
  • Drills addressing unwanted curves – hooks and slices
  • Scoring shots: Develop the skills to be deadly around the green