tacit shole hole cutter system

tacit shole hole cutter system

$2,150.00 ex GST

The most popular hole cutter system used for golf’s most prestigious events.

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The Tacit Shole Hole cutter cuts an exact 108mm hole every time with an integral hammer action. With an upright operation, it is easy on the back, with a unique effortless core extraction system. The whole unit weighs less than 10kg! The bullseye spirit level makes sure every hole is cut level. It also comes with easy interchangeable compression/non-compression blades with an optional adjustable depth gauge.

• Vertical cut (no back strain)
• Perfectly round hole with crisp edges
• Consistent hole depth
• Allows easy plugs extraction
• No scalped or raised plugs
• Only 3 bolts need to change blades
• Shoe – protects the blade and stands the machine upright on the green
• Superfine blade for exact 108mm cut
• Bolts act as a natural stop when using a cutting board
• Includes: Hole cutter, hole guide plate & hole guide plate

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