tacit golf green caddy

tacit golf green caddy

$225.00 ex GST

Gives greenkeepers & turf professionals the ideal place to store all the tools required for hole cutting.



• Caddy Includes: Plastic Pail, Waterproof Bag & Irrigation Bottle
• The central area can also be used for storing seed and top dressing for any emergency repairs
• Additional Extras:
– Hole Trimming Scissors, 20670
– Aluminium Cup Setter, 20815
– Standard Golf Plastic Cup Setter, SG-30100
– Hole Cutter Guide Plate, 20821
– Rubber Mallet, 20825
– Cup Collar, 20325
– Tacit Cup Lifter, 20311T
– David Golf Deluxe Cup Lifter, 20311D
– Standard Golf Cup Hook, SG-33200

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