suprega plus 4L handwash

suprega plus 4L handwash

$90.00 ex GST

Heavy duty hand cleanser containing natural cornmeal scrubbers.

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Ideal for all heavy duty situations to remove stubborn soilings, grease, oil grime etc. Perfect for all industry.

• Effective: Cleaning power is derived from specially developed cleaning agents which remove a variety of soilings.
• Neutral pH: Less likely to dry the skin.
• Fragranced: This yellow flowing gel has a light citrus odour making it pleasant to use.
• Gentle: Cares for the hands whilst the Lanolin derivatives prevent skin dryness, chapping and cracking.
• Humectant: Helps to protect against dryness.
• Micropolymer Granules: Deep cleaning without damaging the skin.

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