Spray Bug

Spray Bug


The Spray Bug is a taking pedestrian Spraying to the next level.

The only pedestrian sprayer which can apply chemicals with absolute precision, due to the electric motor operating at a constant speed on all terrain.

Minimise compaction and wheel marks in soft/wet conditions and access hard to reach areas.


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Introducing the Spray Bug, a new user friendly way to walk spray greens and other hard to reach areas.

What is the spray bug?
Electric powered, self propelled covered boom system Self contained 57 Litre spray tank
Operator walks in front of the boom, not through the spray
Self contained and does not require a hose reel
Individual batches can be mixed directly in the 57L tank.
Easily recharge Spray Bug from a larger vehicle with included dry lock transfer system

Ease of Use
The Spray Bug operates at a consistent 4.2km/h with a cruise control that maintains that speed over rolling terrain for accurate calibration.
Turning is easy and adjustable stops can be set to help in lining up for the next pass.
Compact trailer for transportation around the golf course sold seperatley