SCUD150 Groundsman

SCUD150 Groundsman


“Mix, induct & measure chemical quickly, effectively and safely”

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The Groundsman’s pump can fill at speeds of 350 litres per minute and is capable of filling a 3000-litre sprayer in less than 10 minutes.

The SCUD mixer system is built to decrease the risk of chemical spillage and mitigate the environmental impact, keeping thousands of plastic drums out of landfill.

Made from locally sourced Australian materials and built to last in Australia’s harsh conditions. The Groundsman can be moved easily from job to job


The secret to the success of this machine is the pump. At 450L/min, even the most stubborn granules (ferrous sulfate) will be gone in seconds. The open impellor pump means no blockages allowing all types of granules and liquids to be mixed.

The adjustable mixer allows the operator optimal mixing time for each particular product.

The 3-way ball valve inside the tank allows you to decide how best to mix each batch (sending the mix from the bottom, top or throughout).
With a 20ltr drum rinser and a huge granule mixing capacity it’s simple plumbing makes it easy to clean out and use.