old links tee sign

old links tee sign


Combining the modern materials of consolidated lumber, cast bronze and metal caps to produce a robust, uncomplicated design, these signs can be the perfect addition to your course


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The Old Links Tee Sign offers the charm of traditional wood with the resilience and ease of modern composite materials, creating an ideal solution for golf courses seeking durability and aesthetics without the maintenance. This tee sign is moulded from real wood to perfectly capture its texture and appearance while utilizing advanced materials for enhanced performance.

Key Features:

  1. Composite Construction:
    • Manufactured from a composite material that is moulded to mimic the look and feel of real wood.
    • Combines the aesthetic appeal of wood with the robustness and low-maintenance benefits of modern materials.
  2. Colour Options:
    • Available in two elegant colours: Charcoal and Beachwood.
    • These options allow for customization to match the course’s design and environment.
  3. Dimensions:
    • The tee sign measures 900mm x 270mm x 270mm, offering a substantial presence on the course.
    • The size ensures visibility and readability for golfers.
  4. Customized Cast Bronze Plaque:
    • Each sign includes a customized cast bronze plaque, adding a touch of sophistication and personalization.
    • The matching metal cap completes the polished look.
  5. Inground Post:
    • Comes with an inground post for easy and seamless installation.
    • Ensures stability and durability once installed.

Environmental and Durability Features:

  1. Environmentally Friendly:
    • The base materials used have a low impact on global warming and ozone depletion.
    • This makes the Old Links Tee Sign an eco-conscious choice for golf courses.
  2. UV and Weather Stability:
    • Tested to withstand various weather conditions and temperatures.
    • Ensures the sign maintains its appearance and structural integrity over time.
  3. Warp and Rot Resistant:
    • Free from timber content, preventing issues like rotting or damage from insects and pests.
    • Guarantees a long-lasting, maintenance-free performance.

The Old Links Tee Sign is the perfect combination of traditional aesthetics and modern functionality, providing golf courses with a durable, attractive, and environmentally friendly signage solution.