M18 ball washer

M18 ball washer

$450.00 ex GST


Australia’s FAVOURITE crank action ball washer wash evolved!
It features a NEW modern sleek design but has the same elements of the famous Model 88 David Golf Ball Washer.

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M18 Ball Washer

  • The M18 ball washer lives up to our reputation for quality, longevity and ease of use while delivering an elegant, championship feel.
  • Key piece that is an asset on any course.
  • Manufactured from 6mm high grade aluminium alloy, providing a vandal proof and maintenance free unit.
  • Enclosed rubber track ensures it is leak proof.
  • In-cast overflow pipe ensures you cannot overfill your ball washer.
  • Manufactured by David Golf.
  • Mounts over the post for added structural integrity.
  • All fittings are marine stainless steel.
  • A towel clip is included at the front of the washer for convenience. Towels sold separately.

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