IBC 1150L sump

IBC 1150L sump

$2,195.00 ex GST

Store a single IBC / bulk box or a full pallet of drums

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Using 100%-polyethylene bunds, combined with polypropylene grates, the Spill Crew range of bunding provides superior corrosion resistance to a wide range of chemicals, oils and fuels.

Why use a drum bund?
The bund captures the escaping liquid, so slips and falls do not occur as a result of a slippery surface. The environment is protected from contamination of soil and from spilt liquids entering stormwater and drainage systems and traveling further into the environment to contaminate areas further afield

• Store a single IBC unit or pallet of drums.
• Use with most chemicals, acids and oils.
• Uniformly distributed load: 200kg
• Forklift pockets for easy relocation
• Drain plugs in sump permit spilt liquids to be decanted.
• Manufactured and tested in Australia with a 2000kg UDL.
• Tough construction – stands up to the harshest environments.
• Removable grated top to facilitate easy cleaning & allow spilt liquid to drain into the collection sump.
• Polyethylene construction provides excellent corrosion resistance to oils, fuels & a range of chemicals.
• Manufactured & tested in Australia.
• Proudly Australian made.
• 190cm x 150cm x 75cm

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