David Golf Cup Saver

David Golf Cup Saver



Select “Cup Saver” when purchasing poles.

  • Conforms with R&A regulations when fitted by David Golf on new flagpoles.
  • Non-conforming with R&A regulations when sold separately.
  • Compatible with all flagpoles and ferrules
  • Remove golf balls without damaging the cup
$25.00 + GST per pole
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Introducing the NEW CUP SAVER , exclusive to David Golf.
This attachment allows players to remove golf balls without damaging the cup and to retrieve the ball without bending over.

Made from light weight material and compatible with all flagpoles and ferrules.

Attach these to your existing flagsticks, or order new flagsticks and specify ‘add cup saver’.

About this product;
On January 1, 2019 The Rules of Golf were updated to allow golfers around the world to keep the flagstick in the cup while putting. This new rule has proved to be a popular one, however many Golf Course Superintendents have reported an increase in damage to the surrounding turf when golfers remove their golf ball.

David Golf took notice of the feedback and developed the Cup Saver attachment. The attachment adheres to the rules of golf,  which state, “Attachments may be permitted more than 3 inches (76.2 mm) below the putting green surface but must be constrained to this area.”

Fits rules and regulations when fixed and installed by David Golf

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