golf ball dispenser – range manager

golf ball dispenser – range manager

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David Golf ball dispensers are Australia’s favourite ball dispenser.

Fitted with the DGRMS Software, this ball dispenser offers multiple options for ball vending, including an RFID Keychain FOB, Member Cards, QR Codes, Printed Code # Vouchers and more. Take advantage of pricing flexibility, run promotions and analyse sales & activity reports.

13,000 ball capacity.

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Golf Ball Dispenser – David Golf Range Management Software (DGRMS)

When the Golf Ball Dispenser is fitted with DGRMS, multiple vending methods become available:

  • RFID Key FOB – load credit onto the Fob, allowing golfers to Pre-pay for Range Balls
  • Printed CODE Voucher # – issue a printed receipt from the Pro Shop
  • QR Code – Generate in the Pro Shop, and send to customer’s mobile device or email address
  • Member Card – Use the existing member card to charge the member HOUSE/PRIZE account (through MiClub, MiMembership)
  • Fit an optional Paywave Device
  • Range Management Software offers Flexible Pricing, Sales & Activity Reports, Promotions and much more.
  • Choose from a Keypad or Touchscreen interface

Balls are easily loaded from the top, front or back. Gravity feed sends balls to the stainless steel delivery tray.

This ball dispenser has proven consistently to be the most reliable and versatile on the market. With only three moving parts, this rugged ball dispenser is designed to reduce maintenance and repair, ensuring years of dependable service.

With over 25 different front door mounted token mechanisms available, you will be secure that no duplication of tokens will occur in your area.

Additional vending options can be added to this machine.

13,000 ball capacity.