Maintenance Bunker Wizard Rake 21″

Maintenance Bunker Wizard Rake 21″

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The Bunker Wizard® works great in wet or dry sand and fluffy or compacted sand.

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Bunker Wizard 21”

Bunker Wizard® is ideal for hand-raking the bunkers in the mornings to prepare the bunkers for the day’s play.  The spring steel tines of the Bunker Wizard® will scarify the sand allowing the roller to smooth the sand behind it.  All a maintenance staff worker has to do is simply walk in front of the Bunker Wizard® to smooth even the deepest footprints in one pass.  The Bunker Wizard® can be flipped over and the “roller only” side can be used to feather in the edges of the bunker into the bottoms.  It’s an incredibly versatile product that can smooth faces allowing the ball to roll down to the bottom of the bunker, so it doesn’t plug in the face.  It can also be used to relocated sand if necessary by pushing the unit through the sand. Nothing could be easier for smoothing the bunkers in the morning to get ready for the day’s play

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