bunker mat

bunker mat


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Bunker Mat

BunkerMat is a three-dimensional sand retention and drainage mat used in the construction of golf bunkers.
It works by trapping sand on steep bunker slopes to keep the playing surface intact. It also acts as a filtration barrier limiting the migration of subsoil that can contaminate the bunker sand and make it unplayable.

BunkerMat now allows the creation of spectacular bunkers whilst dramatically reducing the work involved in maintenance.

• Improves sand retention on the face of bunkers
• It is manufactured in Australia using high quality polypropylene fibres.
• It is designed for long-term durability and performance.
• Bunker Mat is strong, durable and will not tear when the bunker sand is raked.
• Prevents the migration of fines from the subsoil, eliminating the contamination of sand
• Metal pins available for ease of installation
• When used in conjunction with MEGAFLOW drainage, you can create the perfect bunker conditions
• UV resistant and colourfast
• Available in 2 x 25m, 4 x 25m

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