bms levelawn (3m)

bms levelawn (3m)


Designed specifically for levelling top dressing on bowling greens, cricket wickets and similar areas.

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BMS Levelawn (3m width)

The larger BMS Levelawns have been designed for use on many fine flat turf areas, such as bowling greens, croquet lawns, lawn tennis courts etc, during ongoing programs of maintenance.

The Levelawn is pulled with one end ahead of the other so that surplus soil moves along the channels and is left at the end for the next swathe. The return pass over the same swathe is made with the flat faces of the channels leading, thus it is not necessary to turn the Levelawn around at the ends. This pass rubs in and removes any surplus soil.

• Placing the pull ropes in the rear holes in the cross bars will increase the ground pressure on the front channel.
• Both models are bolted construction eliminates the risk of damage in transit.
• The robust 50 x 25mm (2″ x 1″) channels are hydraulically straightened in production and unlikely to distort in use.
• Three pull ropes and carry handles are provided and can be clipped to any of 20 locations on the frame.

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