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** Most Popular new Rake at the 2024 PGA Trade Show **

The B-RAKE is changing the way bunkers are raked ….. FOREVER!

The B-RAKE grooms sand effortlessly while not pulling the sand from the middle of the bunker.

Unlike other rakes, the B-RAKE leaves a perfectly smooth playing surface in the middle.


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A complete re-design of the bunker rake, the B-Rake is equipped with shark teeth-like tines that groom sand effortlessly without pulling sand to the bunker edges as your average bunker rake does. An innovative, trailing polymer brush leaves the sand for a smooth playing surface in the middle. We hope the B -Rake brings back some enthusiasm to the etiquette of raking your bunker and leaving them better for the next player!

  • Cuts through the sand while not pulling sand
  • The brush leaves a smooth playing surface, no more claw marks or furrows
  • Allows the everyday player to leave the sand better for the next player
  • Will keep bunkers playable and aesthetically kept.